Dr. Anthony Alphonso: The Mastermind Behind Natural Health

My knowledge about health and nutrition up until several years ago was severely lacking. When I was in my late twenties, I started to develop a “mystery illness” that would progress to a very high fever and I would end up in the emergency room. This “mystery illness” was never quite figured out and after a few weeks of suffering; I would be left wiped out and physically drained. I was subjected to many different diagnostic tests, but the end result was always the same…no answers as to what was wrong or how it happened.

Of Health and Nutrition

I was fortunate enough to find out the truth about what real food and nutrition is: The same real food and nutrition that has kept people healthy and vibrant for virtually thousands of years prior to the 1900’s. When I combined eating real food with the pinpoint accuracy provided by the nutrition response testing to find exactly what I needed for individualized nutrition designed only for me and my family specifically I was able to eliminate the health problems that I and my family experienced.

Patients that have struggled with health related issues for years and are now finally experiencing true health and wellness. Tweaking a few things in your diet can lead to drastic positive changes in your overall health and well-being. Discussing your concerns with a natural health doctor will help give you a clearer idea of how a custom diet that’s tailored to your body’s specific needs as identified through nutrition response testing can be beneficial. Ultimately, achieving optimal health is an investment that will last you a lifetime. Consulting the right nutritionist and making the proper food choices can prevent the onset of future health conditions. Certain medical issues warrant the advice of a nutritionist, as nutritionists have an in-depth understanding of the way different nutrients affect the human body.

Working on Your Health

I encourage all of you to come to one of our various seminars and workshops this year. I also encourage all of you to bring a friend or loved one along as a guest. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Our true purpose at Back To Wellness is to help as many people as possible to LIVE HEALTHIER LIVE LONGER and to LIVE MORE!!!

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