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Dr. Anthony Alphonso

For some reason, it seems that the larger, “trendier” cities catch on to the enhancements of alternative medicine and preventive treatment sooner than the “smaller” cities. Places like Los Angeles, New York City, and others are rife with locations where you can experience colonics, lymph node massages, acupuncture, and nutrition response testing, whereas you may not be able to find any of the above in a smaller city. To that end, the fact that nutrition response testing has reached Syracuse, NY is nothing short of remarkable.

In the United States, only a few doctors nationwide have graduated with an Advanced Clinical Training certificate in nutrition response testing. Nowhere else in the greater Central New York, or Upstate New York area, can you find a natural health doctor with the training and experience that Dr. Alphonso has achieved. Patients come from all over the entire North East United States to visit Back To Wellness for whole food nutritional treatment that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Personal Experience

Dr. Anthony Alphonso knows what it’s like to suffer from health conditions that can’t be diagnosed properly and that won’t go away using traditional medicine. Having developed a mystery illness several years ago, he understands the agony of undergoing different diagnostic tests and visiting doctors or alternative practitioners only to find no answers to what exactly is wrong or what causes the symptoms. He found out about Dr. Freddie Ulan and Dr. Lester Bryan’s system of muscle testing that determined a person’s exact nutritional deficiency including existing barriers that prevent an individual’s body from fully utilizing good nutrition. Within a few months of using nutrition response testing and following a personalized health program, he noticed amazing results.

Medical Expertise

In September 2009, Dr. Alphonso finished his Advanced Clinical Training in Nutrition Response Testing, thus becoming one of only a few selected doctors in the world with this level of training. Each year he invests in special continuing education to ensure that he delivers the ultimate in nutrition response therapy and natural health solutions to his clients. So if you’re looking for a natural health doctor or for an alternative medicine, look no further. Dr. Alphonso at Back To Wellness is the best source of natural healing and whole food nutritional expertise in the greater Syracuse area. Back To Wellness services the entire Central New York area, including Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Utica, and Geneva. For more information on our service areas click here. To learn more about our staff, visit the About Us page.