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How much does an initial visit cost?

The initial visit is $120. This includes two separate visits, the first consisting of filling out forms, a Heart Rate Variability test, and the Nutrition Response Testing. The second visit is the Report of Findings visit.

What happens after the first visit Initial Visit?

After the Report of Findings visit, which everything is explained then, Dr. Alphonso will have you come in weekly for the first 6 weeks to “fine tune” your program. After that the doctor will determine how often you will need to be seen.

How long will it take before “I” get better?

This is a very common question. No two people are the same. Some patients have reported feeling better in as little as 2 weeks, others it has taken several month and up to a year. You have to remember, if you have had this problem for a long time, it’s going to take time for your body to heal. We live in a society where we want instant gratification, but rebuilding one’s health takes time.

Do I have to be on a certain Diet?

It’s not a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. Yes, you will be expected to change the foods you eat. Most people who come into the office have eaten themselves into their current state of health. If people could just minimize or eliminate processed foods from their diet, their health would greatly improve. Our bodies were never intended to eat processed foods or food products. Through nutrition response testing we will identify foods that you body needs and foods you should avoid. These changes will allow your body to heal itself.

Where do I have to buy the supplements?

Once a person starts on a nutritional program, all the recommended supplements are provided in the office. The testing process will identify the specific supplements that your body needs to heal. You will need to take these supplement so that your body will heal.

Why can’t I buy my supplements at any store?

Not all supplements were created equally. Most supplements sold on the market today are pharmaceutically engineered, much like fake foods are, and sold to consumers telling them that they are vitamins. They are chemically engineered. Our bodies cannot process chemicals, they see it as waste and that’s where the saying “expensive urine” comes from. And so while you think you are helping your body by taking these synthetic vitamins, you are still not receiving the benefits you expect because your body can’t digest them.

The supplements we sell are not synthetic. They are whole food supplements. By this we mean, they are composed of whole food material without synthetic or chemical additives. Because there are actually nutritionally rich “food” in the shape of a tablet or capsule, your body is able to metabolize them and can extract the nutrients it needs.

We KNOW exactly what our supplements are made of. And we KNOW what effect they will have on the body. The same cannot be said of the supplements you purchase elsewhere, and If you take supplements that you purchase elsewhere, you will slow down the progress of your treatment.

I feel great, eat well exercise, can I still become a patient?

It is easier to stay well than to get well. Yes, maintaining your health is probably, in my book, one of the wisest choices one can make. Today health care is expensive and it continues to get more expensive. Just like you maintain your house and car, you want to maintain your health for life. We only get one body!

Will I have to take supplements for the rest of my life?

That’s up to you, but the sad fact is that you will most likely have to continue to take supplements for the rest of your life. Our food today is grown on chemically treated soil. The sad reality is that non-organically grown foods may look like food, but their nutritional value is so low compared to foods grown on organic soil or foods grown 50+ years ago. And even if you eat organically grown foods, you still may not be able to give your body the levels of certain vitamins and minerals YOUR body needs to keep healthy. As your body heals, you may take fewer supplements, and now that you have your health back, you may choose to continue to takes a few supplements. You have to ask yourself, “How long do you want to live, not just exist?” Invest in your health; your body will thank you.

I have had muscle testing before but it didn’t work for me, how are you different?

There are many practitioners out there that may do “muscle testing” but that doesn’t mean they do Nutrition Response Testing at the Advanced Level, or, they may do their own form of “muscle testing”. Dr. Alphonso has an Advanced Clinical Training Certificate in Nutrition Response Testing and has many post certification hours in nutrition as well. Dr. Alphonso uses muscle response testing as a communication tool, to allow your body to ask for what it needs so that he can design an effective, tailored nutritional therapy plan that will help you get your health back.