ACK, January 2010

What was it like before you came to see us?

Two years ago I was in a bad car accident which left me with severe neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. Eight months after that I was not only managing stress and pain from the accident, but was making some major life changes which included settling into a new state away from family and friends, adjusting to a new job, buying my first house, planning my wedding, and grappling with how my single life would change with a husband and three children in it. I was awestruck from stress, physical pain, and impending change.

How is it now?

I was skeptical about Dr. Alphonso’s methods at first, but within the first two weeks, I experienced a clarity of mind I hadn’t known in years. I no longer felt paralyzed by my stress. My chiropractic adjustments were holding longer and the pain from the accident was steadily diminishing. The change in diet and supplementation had other surprising effects for ailments I had been plagued with for years – the headaches I had suffered from since the age of twelve AND my exercise-induced asthma disappeared. Getting to a stronger state of wellness took a strong commitment on my part to stick with the diet. I knew I should eat better, but never really kept with it until I started this. I also firmly believe I had an addiction to sugar which ruled my world more than I knew – severe emotional swings, moments of irrationality, and super sensitivity. My sugar addiction took over a year to diffuse. I must admit I wasn’t the model patient; I had many relapses, but kept trying.

Dr. Alphonso’s methods of determining what my body needs are unconventional, even difficult to believe, at first. I’ve been surprised on many occasions how accurate the process is. Here’s one small example that most ladies will appreciate: I had a yeast infection which I fully intended to get something for at the nearest pharmacy right after my appointment with Dr. Alphonso. I didn’t think to tell him about it when I came in (not sure why – maybe I was too sensitive or maybe I didn’t truly believe that was something he could tend to). Well, through the body scan yeast kept coming up. I still didn’t admit it, because I was, at that point, embarrassed that I didn’t mention anything to him to begin with. I took the suggested supplements and two days later…no more yeast infection at a pittance of the price the “over the counter” stuff would have cost. The supplements got to the root of the problem, while that “over the counter” stuff at the pharmacy would’ve just treated the symptoms. I love that this process takes the guess -work out of what ails you and treats the root cause. My faith in it is so strong that I’ve begun to bring my three kids in. I had, over the course of this last year, been steadily changing their diet to be more in-line with mine by making small changes and incorporating more fresh foods, less processed food, and cutting their sugar consumption by replacing it with fruit. Once their diet was in a good place, I felt better about introducing them to Dr. Alphonso. They were already used to taking multivitamins on a daily basis, so this next step wasn’t very difficult.

Another difficult hurdle was not diet or supplement related, but in breaking the cycle of reliance on contemporary medicine and prescription drugs to handle my family’s every day health and wellness. As my confidence grew in my body’s ability to heal itself (with a little help, of course) and strong support from Dr. Alphonso who was only a phone call away, I felt better about riding out an illness rather than running to my primary care physician to seek a prescription to fix it quick. As a Mom who wrestles with making the right decision for her kids, this is particularly hard. There are times when medical intervention is necessary, but most of the time the body’s immune system will heal itself with a little awareness, a watchful eye, a visit to Dr. Alphonso to determine the root of the ailment, the right food or cutting out the wrong one, the right supplementation, and a little patience.

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