Jenny B Cortland, NY

What was it like before you came to see us?

My primary concern was chronic lower right back pain. The pain was terrible and would come and go with pain medication and increased water intake. My doctor instructed me to stop taking the medication due to increased liver values. So relief from pain was limited. I also was diagnosed with kidney stones. I never wanted to go on any long trips, walks, or do any type of activities. I was short tempered, had low energy and my weight was increasing. Also, I had halitosis even though I had regular dental care. And, I felt absentminded, forgetful and overwhelmed.

How is it now?

I’ve had no pain for 12 weeks now!! I passed the kidney stones during the program and have remained on schedule with Dr. Alphonso’s dietary recommendations and supplements. My energy is consistent, no more spikes and lulls in energy. My halitosis is gone and my weight is down. I’m able to function more with a clear head and juggle more at work without being overwhelmed. A BONUS- my skin is clearer and has better color. I never noticed how pale I was until people made mention of it. I didn’t notice how low my quality of life was before until I after I started changing my diet and taking the prescribed supplements.

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