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What was it like before you came to see us?

I feel great! One day last August my sister and I were discussing how sick and tired we were of being sick and tired. Here it was summer and I had zero energy. I wanted to be able to enjoy life and do so many things but I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to do them. Once I began seeing Dr. Alphonso things started to change for me, I no longer had headaches, my mood had changed for the better and I was finally free of PMS! No cramps no mood swings either. I always ate healthy too but for my entire adult life I have been over weight. So once beginning the program needless to say I have dropped about 25 pounds too. I have to say it may be daunting to most to lose that amount of weight but if you stick with the program it is quite easy and very rewarding.

How is it now?

For the first time in my life I am no longer extremely over weight and the energy is incredible. I ran my first four mile race this March and what a great feeling to accomplish that I also learned to down hill ski this winter. I feel Great! You won’t be sorry if you let Dr. Alphonso get you on the rightpath to a very healthy life. I am very grateful to him, he has savedme from a life of misery. You will no longer need to takeover the counter medications for aches and pains because you won’t have any any longer. It has been since September since I have taken any drugs, my body loves me for it. This program is life altering and I am very happy for it. They say your 40’s are the new 30’s but they are wrong it’s the 20’s. Enjoy!

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