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What was it like before you came to see us?

I was diagnosed with RA about 4 years ago. I had symptoms on and off even years before but no one could tell me what it was. I had been told it was fibromyalgia, depression, hormones, stress, RA and chronic fatigue. I was seen by 2 rheumatologists in UNY – then traveled to Baltimore (Johns Hopkins) to get the RA diagnosis. However, I did not really fit all fo the diagnostic criteria. Needles to say, I was willing to do or take anything to feel better. I had ached all over, my fingers, hands, wrists, feet and toes were constantly swollen and stiff. It sometimes radiated to the larger joints, forcing me to stay in bed. I was so fatigued, I could sleep few days away. I understand why doctors thought I may have been depressed but I knew I was not. After starting a host of medications I did strt to feel better. Well enough to start making some changes in my life. Better eating, eliminating artificial sweeteners and exercise. My Aunt mentioned Dr. A’s website to me after a friend’s daughter had great success. I called immediately!

How is it now?

Since starting the last week of March – my hands, and joints and felt only mildly swollen in the a.m. which goes away once up and about. My IBS is gone!!! I am never fatigued. I workout 3-5 days a week. I have lost nearly 10 lbs. without even trying. Well..it does take some effort. I eat good protein, a lot of green veggies, some fruit and drink plenty of water. I still eat my favorites from time to time but don’t miss a thing. Feeling healthy and pain free outweighs everything else! Dr. A. keeps me fine tuned with periodic checkups and supplement evaluation. He and his team have made my experience a happy and healthy one. Thank you!

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