T Doty Liverpool, NY

April 10 2011 will almost make my one year anniversary I have been with DR.A!!! When I walked into his office I was skeptical, but as I said in an earlier testimonial, I was amazed, grateful, and feeling better. But now, a couple days shy of being with DR.A for one year, I am more grateful and amazed and fortunate to have found him. He literally saved my life. I was so sick when I first came to him. Even before that I suffered so with digestion problems and pain from fibromyalgia. My quality of life was poor. He has increased my quality of life by far. He brought me from 82 lbs. to 92 lbs. in a couple of months. Now after a year I am 107 lbs. and feeling so much better every day not to mention that what I have learned is priceless.!!!

Thank you Dr. A for all the hope and all your time, and for giving me my life back!!!!! I pray that God keeps Dr. A’s mind and body strong, and that his knowledge continues to grow so he can continue to help as many people who need it and want it. For I cannot imagine life without him. It is truly a privilege to have learned of him. Again I say thanks to you!!!

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