What was it like before you came to see us?

I am ever so lucky to have found Dr. A. I suffered for many years with chronic pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and also IBS along with TMJ, GERD, allergies,etc. I could not move my neck without extreme pain that I just learned to live with daily. In Oct. ’09 I began having trouble swallowing and feeling as though my food was sticking. I experienced a clicking when swallowing that was very scary. I began to be increasingly sensitive to fragrances and foods- experiencing very scary allergy symptoms. I was afraid to get on the scale because I was dropping weight drastically… I was as low as 82lbs. I had seen several doctors of all different sorts… h and yet could not get to the bottom of it. Scared, confused, alone and feeling crazy as several Dr.’s implied, I was barely able to stand on my feet I was so weak and deenergized. Several times I was transported via ambulance due to feeling like my throat was closing…I literally had no saliva.I had pure watery stools and was taking a bottle of Mylanta daily due to the severe reflux, burning and difficulty swallowing…

How is it now?

Two months later I feel strength, I feel alert, I have energy, I can focus. I, for the most part, have normal bowel movements with less urgency. I have gained weight. I weigh 99 LBS. I never thought I would be yahooing about gaining weight but, YAHOOEEE!!! THANK YOU DR. A!!!!!!!!!! I am able to swallow food and eat a meal … I was told I would be on my medicines perscribed by the Dr. forever!!!! I have been 3 weeks without them…Everyday I was praying to God for just a little relief!!! Dr. A brought it to me. I truly believe he saved my life! …The progress I have made in only two months has blown my mind material! I have learned so much about food and nutrition and I plan to educate as many people as I can and guide them to Dr.A. …THERE IS A REASON THAT’S WHAT I’VE LEARNED, FIX THE REASON THEN THERE WILL BE NO SYMPTOM TO BANDAID!

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