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What was it like before you came to see us?

Before I came in, I had very limited energy or stamina. Sometimes walking across the room would tire me out. I would experience muscle spasms throughout my body (1-100 a day). My feet were freezing cold all the time and numb. I experienced frequent headaches, dizziness, mental confusion, fatigue, emotional/mood swings. My periods were very clotted and heavy. I have had breast cysts since 2006.

How is it now?

I now have more energy and stamina and was able to walk for 3 miles (Komen Race for the Cure) without any discomfort. I rarely experience any muscle spasms. My feet are slightly less cold and my numbness has decreased by ~ 50%. I have not been dizzy or mentally confused and mood swings are almost non-existent. I am less tired during the day but sleep longer and deeper at night. My periods are more normal (barely clotted). My breast cysts are resolving.

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