Have you ever wondered how to get your health back so that you feel great?

At Back To Wellness, we are committed to helping you attain better health through alternative and natural methods. While we are not directly treating the health problems of our patients, we are actually helping their bodies heal themselves with our proprietary techniques: Enhance your body’s natural reparative abilities and let nature take its course. You will be surprised with what your body can do.

Back To Wellness offers a number of specialized services used to get your body running at its optimum level. Our services include:

Nutrition Response Testing

Perhaps the core of all our other services, nutrition response testing allows us to accurately determine the problems that plague your body. This allows us to identify the possible sources of any symptoms you might have, any vitamin or mineral deficiencies you may have, and any possible food that may not suitable for your body. Visit our Syracuse practice today and feel free to ask us about the advantages of nutrition response testing.

Nutrition Therapies

Based on the information we gather from the nutrition response testing, we can then provide you with a full suite of nutrition therapy options. Back To Wellness believes that an individual’s health is directly tied to his or her diet. To that end, we will devise a detailed nutrition program that will address your specific health concerns. We can craft programs to solve or accommodate the following issues:

  • Allergies
  • Detoxification
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Weight Loss
  • And more

Health Improvement

Back To Wellness wants its clients to lead better lives that are free from illness. Upon consulting with us, we can help you improve your overall health and ultimately enhance the quality of your life. By changing your diet, introducing the RIGHT combination of whole food supplements, and becoming more active, your body becomes a lot stronger and less susceptible to disease.

Whole Food Nutrition

Back To Wellness can help individuals create balanced diet plans to help their bodies get better and naturally recover from its own complications. To further bolster the natural nutrition systems we prescribe, we also offer our clients in Syracuse a personalized whole food supplementation plan. These supplements enrich the client’s balanced diet and provide the necessary nutrients our clients might lack. As the body heals itself, the types and quantities of whole food supplements will change. Back To Wellness uses nutrition response testing to determine how to adjust the personalized whole food supplementation plan as the body become healthy.

As the popular maxim goes, “You are what you eat”. We wholeheartedly agree with this statement, as nutrition is the key to a healthier body. Do not overlook the importance of the right kind of food, and allow us to help you eat better—and live better.