Nutrition Response Testing – Recovery

Back To Wellness has an outstanding record of implementing our numerous Nutrition Response Testing techniques in Syracuse, NY. Our long-term nutrition expertise allows us to handle a variety of medical cases of people suffering from a multitude of health problems and to devise programs on how to get their health back. With Nutrition Response Testing, we are able to identify your underlying health problems and suggest changes in diet, along with targeted whole food supplementation, to help your body heal naturally.

In the past, our clients have come to us because of the following issues:

– Insomnia
– Depression
– Muscle aches
– High stress levels
– Body image and weight control
– Lack of motivation
– Substance addiction
– Aches and pains
– Allergies
– Lack of engergy

Back To Wellness has developed ways to help every individual determine the core issues with their health and how to improve upon them. Our series of tests and procedures will first let Dr. Alphonso determine whether or not you are a “Nutrition Response Testing Case”. By this we mean: Everybody is uniquely built and naturally responds differently to the fluctuations in your chemical balance.

Our central New York nutrition center can help you determine if Nutrition Response Testing is right for you. And if Nutrition Response Testing is right for you, we will work with you to develop a program that can help jump start a more enjoyable way of life immediately following our diagnosis.

Fast and Lasting Recovery is Possible with Back To Wellness

Are you wondering how to get your health back to normal fitness levels? If you fully commit to your individually-designed clinical nutrition program, you can quickly restore your health and resolve those underlying issues that are cause the symptoms you are experiencing. The sooner you start your program, the sooner you will see results.

As you carry out your program, we will continue monitoring your progress. We will adjust your program as needed to help you achieve the maximum possible health benefits. Every case is different, but recovery in as early as four to six weeks on average is possible. The key is to closely observe your recommended nutritional program.

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