Common health problems are oftentimes a product of past bad habits and misinformation, the effects of which have accumulated over the years. Through our safe, non-invasive system called Nutrition Response Testing, we can help pinpoint the underlying causes of your ill health. After an analysis of the status of your health, we will provide you with a Natural Health Improvement Program to counter the factors that have contributed to your current health status.

The Road to Fitness

Getting back on the path to a healthy future requires you to accept your body’s condition and take the necessary steps to change it. The success of the health program that our doctor – a certified specialist in Nutrition Response Testing — has tailored for you will highly depend upon your will to change the way you eat and to stick to the recommended clinically designed regimen of whole food supplements.

Analyzing your body’s reflexes will enable us to determine which nutrients need to be supplemented in your diet to achieve better health. A diet that’s rich in natural foods can help you get your health back as these foods contain nutrients that enable your body to function properly. Back To Wellness also utilizes whole food supplements to enrich your current diet so that your body gets the nutrition it needs to heal itself naturally.

Fitness Partners

If you’re one of those people who’ve eaten themselves into a state of ill health, don’t you worry! The good news is that it might not be too late to reverse the effects of your bad diet. With a little help from our partners in fitness, we can lead you to the path of proper nutrition. We invite you all to visit our friends and colleagues; others in the world of heath, wellness, fitness, proper eating, dieting, and natural wellness. Start making changes today and feel a world of difference for years to come!

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