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Wouldn’t it be great if you felt full of energy and were completely free from medical problems and physical restrictions? Your health directly determines the quality of your life, so it makes perfect sense that you should take good care of your body. However, even when you think you are living clean, you may not be aware that your diet can directly influence your health. What you eat matters. The food you eat fuels your body. Feeding yourself junk does a great disservice to your body and excessive consumption of these can lead to lack of energy, aches and pains, allergies, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other fatal complications.

At Back To Wellness, we believe that good health starts with a proper diet. If you love your body, then you will choose to feed it nutritional food. Individuals looking for health improvement programs in Syracuse can come to us for consultation. If you have any health problems or complications, do not hesitate to visit our Syracuse location, and we will design a personalized nutrition therapy or wellness program — including whole food supplements – that works for you.

Back To Wellness follows a methodology designed to help you get your nutrition and your life back on track. Our system for health improvement is as follows:

Nutrition Response TestingSM

Our first step in helping individuals become healthier is nutrition response testing. This allows us to gauge your current health condition and what is causing its problems. It involves a full body scan of your neurological reflexes, which allows for a faster health assessment.

Natural Health Improvement Program

Once we have thoroughly analyzed your body and determined its problems, we will then provide you with a personalized natural health improvement program. Trust our skilled nutritionists in Syracuse, NY, to not only accurately evaluate your condition, but also to prescribe a comprehensive nutrition program that can improve your health in a non-invasive and natural way.

Whole Food Supplements

The program we develop specially for you aims to do away with your harmful diet. We will not just point out which foods to avoid; we will even offer you a range of high quality whole food supplements to reinforce your diet and ensure that your body absorbs all the important vitamins and minerals it needs to heal itself. Our wellness nutrition programs are simple, but the results are real.

Let Back To Wellness help improve your health the natural way by creating a nutritional program that can holistically transform your lifestyle.

To learn more about how our programs can enhance your quality of life, give us a call at 315-314-7708 to schedule your consultation appointment, or drop by our office today.

3d Allergies Word Sphere on white background.

AACT is a revolutionary treatment system for eliminating allergies which is one of the most stubborn health problems facing people today. AACT is based on principles of acupuncture and the electromagnetic properties of all matter. It is a natural, drugless, painless non-invasive method that can be used by anyone – from infants to seniors. Treatment leads to the permanent and medication-free elimination of any type of allergy.

A series of AACT treatments ‘re-educates’ the body so that it stops reacting defensively to allergens and accepts them as safe substances. Sensitivities are cleared one at a time. Best results are obtained if allergens are cleared in a specific sequence. One or more items are cleared on a given day depending on an individual’s tolerance. Some people are highly sensitive and may require additional combination clearings.

AACT is practiced by trained health practitioners, including MD’s, acupuncturists, chiropractors and dentists.


At Back To Wellness, we make sure that you receive the best information about your health and nutritional wellness. Back To Wellness teaches you effective natural ways to address your health conditions in order to prevent your health from significantly affecting your family, career and personal finances. Dr. Anthony Alphonso, a top clinical nutritionist and natural health doctor in Syracuse will help you understand and learn more about nutrition response testing, the personal regimen of nutrition, and Standard Process’ whole food supplements.

Our Services

Some of our services at Back To Wellness include Nutrition Response Testing, Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique (AACT), heart rate variability (HRV) testing, designed clinical nutrition, and personalized nutrition counseling.

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimal health. The procedure involves a safe and reliable full body scan to properly assess your body’s neurological reflexes. We believe that Nutrition Response Testing provides greater insight into what may be the source of a patient’s symptoms than does traditional lab testing.

AACT is a revolutionary treatment system that utilizes the electromagnetic properties of all matter together with the principles of acupuncture. It is a non-invasive method that treats your problem at its source by retraining the body to respond to substances that it deems harmful. It is a natural, drug-free and painless method that can be used on people of all ages including infants.

HRV is a non-invasive, fully automatic computerized system designed for assessing the nervous system using heart rate variations to determine your heart’s ability to respond to daily stress. It is a medical screening tool that provides a score of your current health level. Getting an HRV treatment by a certified natural health doctor can dramatically reduce the risks of heart disease and the possibility of diabetes.

More Helpful Facts About Nutritional Wellness

Back To Wellness is determined to provide people with proper information about wellness nutrition and how they can achieve optimum health. Our natural health improvement center in Syracuse offers personalized nutrition counseling and designed clinical nutrition to aid in preventing or alleviating common diseases and their symptoms. Because there are only so many nutritional facts that we can display on our website, at one point, we need to revert to PDF files for the longer articles. That said, read below to learn more; click on an article title to open the full thing in a new window.

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